Bibliophilia is an application for books and reading lovers: it will archive and catalogue the titles of your bookshelf, it will remind you all your readings and provide a quick way to note and search all the books you'd like to read.

we want to communicate to our users that, for personal and economic reasons, the Bibliophilia app will be no longer updated or developed.
We have also decided to stop working on a new app.
We won’t release any update to fix issues or problems related to the current version.
Anyway, Bibliophilia’s services to add new books will continue to work at least for another year.

We are sorry, but the decision is irrevocable. So we reccomend to backup all of your data and migrate them to another software.

We have looked around to find some valuable alternative apps to suggest you. The only one we found having the same functions and utilities is CLZ Books. But it’s only in english and it’s not free. The mobile version costs €14.99. The web-based version costs €2.5 per month, even if you can choose to buy customisable bundles according to your uses.

CLZ Books is also the only app that could offer a functional way to import data from Bibliophilia.
We wrote a brief but detailed guide to migrate data from Bibliophilia to CLZ books, that you can read here:

Not every fields can be properly imported in CLZ and also images and files couldn’t be imported, but you will have most of the covers ready after the importation because CLZ Books will find them for you automatically.
We are not able to answer to problems or issues in importing the books in CLZ books, so you should refer directly to their customer care here:

We are sorry for the unfortunate situation that came up, but we can’t do otherwise.
I understand your frustration. We tried to figure out some different scenarios, but nothing better was found.

The Bibliophilia’s staff.

This application will build a personal archive of books, with a rapid search system and an easy way to catalogue, so you can always have the index of your library with you. Bibliophilia is also the place to create easily and intuitively your own ideal library, with all the books you feel like reading and recommend to your friends.

You can easily add a book manually or simply by scanning the barcode on the book cover. You can also look up the title or the author directly from the Google Books database. There's also a function to search the titles of your favorite authors.

You can add notes and descriptions as well as many fields available to catalogue the book. Finally Bibliophilia provides a Readlist from which you can quickly see all the books you've decided to buy or you planned to read.

The main functions of Bibliophilia

Easy insertion of new books

  • by manual entry;
  • by entry via barcode or QR code scan (requires a mobile device with camera);
  • by entry via Google Books search;
  • import multiple books.

Functions of research and consultation

  • quick search in the archive of books;
  • different sorting options;
  • details view of the author: biography, notes and books;
  • system to search books starting from the author;
  • 5 customizable fields;
  • customizable search fields;
  • advanced filters system to manage, order and search your collection.

Cataloguing functions

  • cataloguing system by categories;
  • managing multiple categories (sub categories can be associated to the same book);
  • adding unlimited categories, with customizable descriptions;
  • easy way to associate books to category;
  • rating system for both author and title;
  • ability to associate documents and photos to each book.

Reminder function

  • Readlist for quick access to the books marked as unread or to be purchased;
  • quick insertion or removal in the Readlist;
  • fields to remind books on loan

Personalization and sharing

  • customization of default values;
  • search in local languages;
  • sending one or more titles by email;
  • sharing of the book by mail with a link to the direct addition of the book within the application (clicking the link in the email, it's possible to directly add the book inside of Bibliophilia).

Backup and restore

  • export database and covers;
  • export database for Backup / Restore via email;
  • export database in CSV format via email;
  • restore data system from backup file;
  • import system of individual books from the backup file;
  • import books from .csv file (according to the format exported by Bibliophilia). You can import your .csv files editing only their first line/header;
  • Dropbox and/or Google Drive synch: in this way you have the ability to synchronize data between all your devices with Bibliophilia (iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and MAC);
  • export in PDF format.

Instructions for importing a .csv file

To import a .csv file there are two methods::

Method 1. Use the .csv file exported from Bibliophilia (recommended)

  1. Go to Backup - Export the database by email ... Export to. csv;
  2. Unzip and open the .csv file in Excel (or simlar software) and fill it with your data in the appropriate columns (see conversion table immediately after), leaving intact the first row.
    NOTE: Select the ";" as a separator between fields
  3. Send the .csv file to your email address, read the email from your iPhone / iPad and open the file with Bibliophilia;
  4. Select the books you want to import and click "Import".

Method 2. Use your own .csv

  1. Open your file. csv and edit only the first row (header) replacing the value of each column with the values ​​of the descriptive data in the column (see conversion table soon after). The order and capitalization do not matter;
  2. If some fields are not available in Bibliophilia or will not be imported, delete the columns;
  3. >Send the .csv file to your email address, read the email from your iPhone / iPad and open the file with Bibliophilia;
  4. Select the books you want to import and click "Import".


Data type Name of the header column Possible values
Title title
Author author (for multiple authors, separate the authors with commas)
Publisher title
Subtitle publisher
Copyright copy
Format format
Rating rating (from 0 to 5)
Year of first edition year
Pages pages
Categoria category
Status status (0 = Not own, 1= Own, 2 On loan)
Read read (TRUE or FALSE)
Link link
Genre genre
Series series
Language language
Notes notes
Placement placement
Description descr
Insert date insert_date DD/MM/YYYY ( eg. 01/05/2012 )
Read date read_date DD/MM/YYYY ( eg. 01/05/2012 )

F.A.Q. - Tips And tricks

ATTENTION: due to an issue of the LITE version, DO NOT use the function "Export for full version...". Follow the instructions at point n. 7. We are managing to solve it. Sorry.

1) How to sync two devices?

A: You can follow two methods, both in the Backup section: a) use a Dropbox or Google Drive account. Once you're connected to the account, save the data in the remote account from the device in which the title have been acquired. Then connect the second device to same account and restore the data.
b) export the database for backup and recovery, send yourself an email. Open the just sent email in the second device, click on the attachment and open it in Bibliophilia. Then follow the instructions to import.

2) How to export to PDF a book list?

A: Click the "Edit" (pencil) icon in the main list. Select the titles you want to export and then click on the "Options" icon (square with arrow), then click "Export to PDF ..." .

How to change the status or quickly delete a book?

A: In any list item, perform an slide / swipe from left to right. You will get a tool bar with some buttons for the most common actions.

4) How to move from one book to the next form within the detail of the book?

A: When you are in the detail perform a slide / swipe from left to right or right to go to the next book.

5) How to quickly edit a field in the book?

A: Long press on the field to edit: after less than a second, "edit" mode is activated and it will open the screen to edit that field. Save the book after each change

6) How to go back to the root a section

A: Click on the section symbol (in the bottom tabs) and return to the first screen of that section. This can be useful when navigating through the detail of the book authors, so instead of constantly having to click on the "Back" button you can return to the main list with a single click.

7) How to import data from LITE version (iOs only)

A: From the Backup section, Export the database, For backup and restore from the LITE version and send yourself an email. Open the email just sent, click on the attachment and open it in Bibliophilia (full version). Then follow the instructions to import. ATTENTION: due to a bug of the last version, DO NOT use the function "Export for full version...".

8) How to import the files in the "Files" section

- In iPhone / iPad
1) via iTunes: select the device, go to the screen "App", "File Sharing", select Bibliophilia and add the files you want;
2) by email: send yourself a email, attach the file and open it in Bibliophilia;
3) via Dropbox: open the Dropbox folder, go to the folder "Apps" and then "Bibliophilia" and copy the files you want in here (NOTE: you can not create folders, copy files into the folder and do not change the other useful files for backup).
4) via Google Drive: open the Google Drive folder, go to the folder "BibliophiliaBackup" and copy the files you want in here (NOTE: you can not create folders: copy files into the folder and do not change the other useful files for backup).
- In Android:
1) using copy / paste: copy into the folder "bibliophilia" in the memory card the files you want;
2) via Dropbox: follow the same instructions for the iPhone and iPad.
To update the list of files, switch the section / tab and come back to Files.

9) How to remove the white border of the covers?

A: To remove the white border on the sides of a photographed cover:
a) go to the 'Settings' section;
b) enable the 'Enable trim covers function';
c) return to the main list of the books and then entry in the 'edit' (white pencil) mode;
d) select books whose cover is to be cut;
e) click again on the pencil icon and then 'Trim the border of the cover ...'.

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